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Ask more of your data

Connect your data, build charts and dashboards, and get blazing fast insights using AI. Securely, privately, and quickly.


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102 Reviews

Trusted by 25,000+ happy sales and marketing teams since 2015

For modern data teams

A next-gen, AI-powered BI tool built by data people for data-driven teams

A self-service analytics platform with beautiful dashboards & safe, trusted AI

Deliver customer-facing data experiences quickly with Delphi's API, SDKs, and React components for embedded analytics.

Build your semantic layer and deploy it to govern your most important business metrics

Next-generation features

AI & your semantic layer work hand-in-hand to make data easy to use


IM with your sales team and work together to close more deals

Create stunning charts and share them with your team to drive results

Easily customize your data model using Cube, the leading open-source semantic layer

Users can search for the right metrics, dimensions, and tables without breaking a sweat

Delphi's Slack bot lets stakeholders ask questions and get answers right away

All your data in one place

Connect your existing semantic layer or let Delphi build you one using AI. Trust that stakeholders are getting the right reports and data every time.

Keep track of your most important entities


Metrics that help you improve

Live data connection so you're never out of date

Beautiful reports and dashboards

Use Delphi's modern charting library to create crystal clear reports for stakeholders. Or even better, let them self-serve and explore the data themselves with our intuitive interface.

Data is a team sport and Delphi is no exception. Share queries, conversations, and dashboards in one click.

“We were excel files and sharing notes earlier. Moving to Sales Close helped our sales process become more efficient.”

Jofra Archer

ASB Dealers

“It’s simplicity simply blows away the competition. Onboarding new sales team members is a breeze”

Maria D Souza

Auto Fasteners Ltd

“The smart lead scoring and predictive calling feature has helped us increase our conversions by 200%”

Mike Danton

Kirk Pipes Ltd

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